Contacting is important not only for singing. Reaching it in life and speaking with others, we can solve many problems and achieve much greater results. How the choir personifies society and that we can take useful for ourselves from the principles of its harmony, says the conductor and chormaster lia.

Choir – model of an ideal human community. In it, every “I” hears others and joins them, while without losing itself. If we all learn to hear each other, then the wars will stop, I’m sure.

I say to the Khorists: “Why do we have one mouth and two ear? To hear twice as much as to say “. If you do not learn to listen to the choir, then you will not build a single chord. The same in society. Once we learned a children’s song, it has the words “Come on, friends, always wish each other good”-simple, but useful.


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is not necessary to agree, it is not even necessary to consider others good, we just wish them good.

If there are tensions between the participants, I say: you are all different, you have different views, habits, age-after all, in the “Little Chapel” we have people from 16 to 86 years old-someone is pretty to you, someone is not.

You don’t like this person, don’t approach him. But you are together, you sing, you have one music, and it unites you, you found it, that’s good. And we will not argue on different topics, we will remain with our own, this does not prevent us from singing together.

In life, it often seems that you need to be better than others, and in the choir another principle is to be in harmony with others. Whatever your beautiful voice you have, if it stands out from the choir, it harms both the choir and you.

If a nail sticks out of the sofa, even very beautiful, it will be pulled out. And everyone is bad: the sofa has a hole, and a nail in the trash. And in the choir it is important not to stick out, listen to each other. Then there is a consonance.

We are engaged in Fridays in the evening, and many say to me: “The end of the day, the end of the working week, I barely go to the rehearsal. And after it, as if on the wings, I fly “. This is how it works: gives lightness.

I think all the bosses should go through singing in the choir. I sing in the choir of chormasters, and there I realized how important it is that the leader said to everyone a good word. I felt that when the leader does not pay attention, it is a shame. It is useful to the boss to feel it for yourself.

And also singing in the choir helps to moderate its ambitions. If they are too great, a person in the choir from this becomes uncomfortable. In ordinary life, this can not be noticed for a long time, to quarrel with others, not understanding why. And in the choir it immediately becomes noticeable, but you can fix it very quickly. There is no competition in the choir, there is a partnership.

When a person sings, he is very open – not only in a figurative sense, but also literally: his mouth, throat, ligaments are opened. Voice – physical embodiment of the soul.

We reveal our soul, and next to us others are also open. And we feel that you can be completely open – and at the same time in harmony with others. No need to get along for them, you just need to hear them and sound yourself. And harmony will arise: this word is translated by this – consonance.

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