Samba Lump Charcoal 5kg

$22.95 per bag

Barbecue Grade Lump Charcoal

Sustainable & Renewable Source | Premium South American Hardwood

Burns Hotter For Longer.

Authentic charcoal Barbecue Flavour.

$22.95 inc. GST (max per pack)

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Samba Barbecue Grade Lump Charcoal

Premium Hardwood | Burns Hotter For Longer.

Sustainable & Renewable Source | South American Hardwood

Samba Lump Charcoal is made from 100% premium South American hardwood. It is free from chemicals, fillers, binders and other impurities. The rich wood aroma complements the natural flavour of meats, fish or poultry. Samba Lump Charcoal lights easily the quickly reaches a high heat, so you’re ready to grill in minutes. It burns longer cleaner and hotter, sealing in juices for bolder, more flavourful gourmet food experiences.

Lighting Instructions:

The recommended method is to use a Samba Chimney:

Fill the space under the Samba Chimney Starter with 2 -3 Samba Firelighters, then fill the chimney starter with lump charcoal.

Through the holes in the base of the chimney starter, light the firelighters under the rack.

Approx 15 – 20 minutes after lighten, when the charcoal is fully burning and the grey ash covering appears, put on heat proof mitts and safely pour coals into your desired location.

Or alternative method:

Spread several Samba Firelighters on the base grill of the barbecue and arrange Samba Lump Charcoal in a pile on top of firelighters.

Light the pile in several places with Samba Safety Matches or a Samba Gas Lighter and wait up to 25 minutes for Samba Lump Charcoal to turn ash grey or fire red – leave barbecue vents open.

Evenly spread Samba Lump Charcoal with tongs into the desired location on the grill.


Product of South America.


Burning BBQ fuel inside can give of carbon monoxide which has no odour and can kill you. NEVER burn any BBQ fuel inside homes, vehicles or tents.

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